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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing – as the name suggest it means to do marketing of any product or service in the digital way through different digital platform on the internet such as social media, search engine, or somewhere else. Basically it can be said as the modern way of marketing.

In marketing the person or the company finds the need of their customers in the market, creates solution of it, make the customers aware of their product and then bring the product into the market for sale. Then comes an important step that is to convince the customer to buy the product. Mainly the marketing have four pillars of it’s basic foundation which can helps any business or company to grow in the market and retain their place in the market for long time.


  1. Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Purchase

  4. Loyalty


These are the programs that are performed by the company or the business to make customer aware about their problems in their day to day life and your product as the solution of their problems, So that customers would be able to know about their problems as well as the solutions for it and when they see the product anywhere customer would be able to recognize the product when they see it.


When the customer is aware about their problems and your provided solution for it, they would be doing more research on the solution and would find many alternative product as their solution for their problem. But if the choose the product of another company you won’t get any profit so you need to make them fall for your product by telling them your usp’s (unique selling points).

The consideration stage is essentially where your potential buyers consider your product or services as a possible option to solve the problem that you helped identify in the awareness stage.


This is the main step where you have to provide all the options to the customer and fulfill all the needs of the customer so that he do not go to someone else to buy the product.
You should be ready for every kind of options that can be asked by your customer
Such as :
How will consumers purchase this product? Will it be online, in-store, an alternative source, or a combination?

You should accept all kinds of payment, should provide home delivery or provide some discount so that you don’t loose any of your customer.


This is the step that comes in action once the product or the service has been sold. In this step the company has to provide the good customer support to there customers so that they could be satisfies and visit them again and again.
Also if someone becomes your loyal customer they bring more customer with them and also would share your location with the new customer.