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17 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

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In this article, I am going to tell you some of the amazing facts about Artificial Intelligence that will blow your mind. You will feel lucky to know these facts. But before that a little introduction about Artificial Intelligence.

As we all know that technology is getting advanced day by day. Artificial Intelligence is also evolving with modern technology. In today’s world, we can see various uses of AI in our day-to-day tasks.

From smartphones that we use to perform our digital tasks to washing machines, we use for laundering Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. We can even see self-driving cars on the road all thanks to AI.

After listening to the word AI the first question that comes to our mind is What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence -: the ability of machines to show their intelligence and perform tasks as the human brain do. It’s just like the brain of a machine.

AI gains these abilities by using progressive learning algorithms. AI discovers structure and regularities in data so that algorithms can learn from it and perform tasks accurately. These algorithms are written in form of complex code.

Understanding codes is not an easy task for all of us as they are complex and require a lot of effort. But there are a few amazing facts that everyone should know about AI.

Top 17 Amazing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Fact Number 1 :

One of the most exciting technological facts about artificial intelligence (AI) is that by the year 2045, it is expected that AI will completely surpass human intelligence. By then, several industries can acquire full automation by AI. Although AI will also create around 2 million new jobs at the same time.

Fact Number 2 :

In 1996, Deep Blue, which is the first AI robot, came into existence. It was a chess-playing computer which won its first match against the World Champion on 10 Feb 1996.  

Fact Number 3 :

Carl Djerassi developed one of the first artificial intelligence programs in 1965. Its name was DENDRAL, and it used artificial intelligence to find new types of medications.

Fact Number 4 :

Dr. David Levy, an expert in artificial intelligence, predicts that in a few generations, we’ll be marrying robots rather than just having sex with them. By the year 2050, he assumed, human-robot marriages will gain permits. CBC Radio

Fact Number 5 :

Since 2020 Robots have the ability to sense their damage, or “in pain,” which alerts them to the need for repair. These machines can also fix themselves.

Fact Number 6 :

AI even contributes to surgery through decision-making, automated (robot-assisted) procedures, and patient diagnosis.

Fact Number 7 :

AI has proven to be just as effective as double-reading, which means getting a diagnosis made by two doctors, in identifying breast cancer.

Fact Number 8 :

Since AI is capable of learning anything quickly, its intelligence is rising. AI was as intelligent as a 4-year-old in 2013. AI will be as intelligent as adult humans by the year 2029.

Fact Number 9 :

Kismet, a robot created in the late 1990s, can detect emotions in people by reading their body language and tones of voice.

Fact Number 10 :

Sophia, a lifelike humanoid, was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. People are discussing and debating whether or not robots should have rights, which has sparked controversy.

Fact Number 11 :

The TUG robot can transport approximately 1000 lbs of medicine to any area within a facility in the medical industry. This invention gave doctors an opportunity to spend more time with patients.

Fact Number 12 :

John Searle first distinguished between “weak” and “strong” AI in 1980. While weak AI can accomplish a single restricted task, strong AI is comparable in showing full human intelligence.

Fact Number 13 :

Global sales of AI software can reach up to $100 billion by 2025. Others predict that the market value will reach $126 billion by the same year.

Fact Number 14 :

Stanford University researchers developed a machine learning model that can predict death with a startling 90% accuracy.

Fact Number 15 :

Though research has been done to create AI that might recognize depression from a person’s speech, it’s still not very accurate and has a propensity to incorrectly identify ethnicities that were not the majority in the data used for the ML development phase.

Fact Number 16 :

AI technology will produce more than 97 million new employment by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum, despite figures claiming that AI will replace more than 80 million jobs. – PWC

Fact Number 17 :

You’re far closer than you realize to being able to take a nap while driving to work. Tesla will start selling self-driving cars in May 2023, according to Elon Musk. But its an announcement made without any actual launch.

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